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Warum Anonymous keine Gefahr für die Öffentliche Sicherheit ist

Der Harvard-Professor Yochai Benkler argumentiert in Foreign Affairs, warum Anonymous keine Gefahr für die Öffentliche Sicherheit darstellt: Hacks of Valor – Why Anonymous Is Not a Threat to National Security.

Anonymous demonstrates one of the new core aspects of power in a networked, democratic society: Individuals are vastly more effective and less susceptible to manipulation, control, and suppression by traditional sources of power than they were even a decade ago. At their worst, Anonymous’ practices range from unpleasant pranksterism to nasty hooliganism; they are not part of a vast criminal or cyberterrorist conspiracy. Instead, Anonymous plays the role of the audacious provocateur, straddling the boundaries between destructive, disruptive, and instructive. Any government or company that fails to recognize this will inevitably find itself at odds with some of the most energetic and wired segments of society. Any society that commits itself to eliminating what makes Anonymous possible and powerful risks losing the openness and uncertainty that have made the Internet home to so much innovation, expression, and creativity.

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